Exterior Photo of Johns Folly Ocean Villa Phase I during construction


Oriented to Client service and satisfaction, William Willigerod, P.C. professes functional and practical architectural design that is sensitive to the cultural and environmental context in the Caribbean. Throughout the past forty plus years William Willigerod has developed a reputation for quality, creativity and reliability. Bill emphasizes quality and creativity in his personal approach to design solutions. His clients are the reason he is in business and he strives to provide them with quality architectural services on a consistent basis. This is one reason he has enjoyed so many repeat clients over the years. He takes great care to balance creativity with functional design, in order to provide a design solution which is both creative and cost-effective. Finally, he stresses reliability, because architecture is a time intensive and time-critical profession. Bill is responsible for the successful, cost effective completion of his clientඩsions. The firm has a wide range of experience in many areas of architecture and interior design, and enjoys particular success in the areas of residential, banking, healthcare, office space planning, office buildings, and retail facility design.



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